As the Communications Coordinator for the Mary Christie Foundation, which is dedicated to the health and wellness of young adults, I wrote for, edited, and designed our primary publication, the Mary Christie Quarterly, and was responsible for all marketing and distribution. I coordinated with illustrators to create the publication’s covers and spot art. I also co-wrote, distributed, and promoted our weekly newsletter, the MCFeed.

As the cohost of the podcast Adulting (with Kate Parkinson-Morgan), I interviewed, edited, and produced episodes of our show about growing up. Ep. 2: Dinner Parties with Jonathan, was featured in the CBC’s Podcast Playlist alongside shows like 99% Invisible and NPR’s Hidden Brain.

As the Marketing and Development Associate for MassINC, I started a weekly profile series of young professionals improving their communities around Massachusetts. I also helped plan statewide policy events and designed programs for them.

As a staff writer for 730DC, I aggregated local news and events for the local newsletter that reaches thousands of young professionals in Washington. In 2017, it was dubbed the “best way for young professionals to find things to do in the city” by Washingtonian.

As a Desk Assistant PBS NewsHour. I had the opportunity to book guests for the nightly show from as far away as Kiev, contributed to data reporting projects like analyzing the witness statements from the Michael Brown shooting and wrote about the roots of contemporary pop music. You can view the full archive of my writing for NewsHour here.

As a Communications Intern with Generation Progress, I helped plan the national 2014 Make Progress Summit, wrote weekly news roundups, and staffed the White House Summit on Working Families.

As the Print Editor of the Fine Print, I managed the overall production of the quarterly magazine, wrote stories, and worked with art directors.

As Curator of TEDxUF, I oversaw creative direction of the event, coached speakers, and managed a team of directors.