︎︎︎ Climate

Energy Is Pulling Bulgaria Back Into Russia’s Orbit Foreign Policy
︎ The World interview

Quitting Coal in Eastern Europe Project supported by the Pulitzer Center
In Washington, Students Learn About Climate Change Like Nowhere Else Reasons to be Cheerful

︎︎︎ Culture

What to do With Communist Decay Noema 

The Possible Institution Artforum review

Intimacy and Spectacle in the Age of Social Media Artforum review

Beyond the Landscape Open Art Files

VIJ! How One Bulgarian Magazine Defied the Odds and Became a Cultural Institution Calvert Journal

Take a River Walk with the “Sound on Mystic” Audio Installation Boston Art Review

Bring a Small Bonfire to Your Countertop With a Bulgarian Vegetable Roaster Eater

Navigating Boundaries in the Photography of Anna Atkins Lady Science

At Little Salon, a High-Class House Show for All Art Forms Washington City Paper

Creating Live Cinema with Puppets and Shadow PBS NewsHour

︎︎︎ Place, Plants, Politics

Between the Blocks 99 Percent Invisible

The Root of Miami The Islandia Journal

‘Women Who Bike at Night’ Explores Cycling in Boston Next City

30A: The Twilight Zone of Florida’s Coastline Scalawag

Black Sea hoteliers face evicting Ukrainian refugees or the prospect of financial ruin Grid News

Disney vs. DeSantis: How the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ war is threatening the House of Mouse’s empire in Florida Grid News

Before You Leave for Bulgaria Catapult

If Trump Wins, America Could Look a Lot Like Bulgaria Foreign Policy
︎ Bulgarian National Radio interview


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